Stu Lyrics by Wiz Khalifa

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Stu Lyrics
[Verse 1:]
My jeans cost a thousand
My whip from the old school
Nothin' but bosses around us
And you ain't got no pool
So much champagne, I drowned in it
OG, rolled a pound of it
Keep it G, you like the sound of it
Came to spend money, who's countin' it?
I'm the realest in the drop, just left the dealer
In this outfit I'm a killer, tell the coppers I ain't innocent
If it's poppin', then I'm in it
Own it all, you probably rent it
When I talk, you niggas listen
Thirty thousand, I'm a spend it

[Hook: Wiz Khalifa (Juicy J)]
Hella bottles in my section
Throwin' money on the floor
No, I ain't on the guest list
I walk right in through the door
I'm so turnt up, so turnt up (Get higher!)
I'm so turnt up, so turnt up (Get higher!)
I'm so turnt up, so turnt up (Get higher!)
I'm so turnt up, so turnt up (Get higher!)

[Verse 2:]
Mixing gin up with the Tequila
Smokin' reefer
Got it twisted thinkin' I don't get f*cked up
Make you a believer
Camera's outside, there go young Khalifa
No keys, left the 69 inside
Cause my license just expired
I'm in my Cadillac I don't drive
Hit the club and get so high
And I don't really know about ya'll
But all of my niggas got bank
I'm payin' for all of these bottles
I'm a boss nigga, f*ck you think?
Good weed, good drink, better clothes
Fast cars, club owners let us smoke
Grind hard, you don't work hard, you'll never know
How it feel, to have a couple niggas that's real


[Juicy J:]
Get Higher! [x5]

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