Wagon Train Theme Song Lyrics

Wagon Train Theme Lyrics

Wagon Train Lyrics

[TV show used instrumental version, however lyrics exist for the song]

Roll along
Wagon Train.

Rollin over prairie where there ain't no grass,
Rollin over mountain where there ain't no pass.
Sittin on a board
eyein' the weather
Prayin to the Lord
We stay together
Side by side on the Wagon Train.

Wagon Train
Roll along.

Pickinup a passenger in every town,
Wonderin if he's ever gonna shoot you down.
Lookin for a pal,
ain't it a pity,
Lookin for a gal,
needn't be pretty
If she'll ride on the Wagon Train.

Wagons ho!

Gotta keep em on the run.
Time to go!
And follow the sun.
Roll along
Wagon Train.

Never had a cabin near a general store,
Only had a wagon and a forty four.
Sittin on a board
Eyein the weather
Prayin to the Lord
we stay together
Sid by side on the Wagon Train..

[Thanks to shanfan_14 for correcting these lyrics]
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