U.N.I.T.Y Lyrics by Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez Lyrics

U.N.I.T.Y Lyrics
I been having memories of my exes
All my chicks in Texas
They all Californians
And all my chicks in Florida
I just gotta let you know I'm looking for a down ass

One that all these niggas wanted
Never got to get her
When they see her they be salty screaming
She don't want nothing more than you
She don't want nothing more than you
Still the one...number one to you
Still that number one

And even after all these years go
You're still on my mind its kinda crazy [?]
So remember me like
Old time hoes in the summer breeze
All my girls is Lebanese, enemies, Vietnamese
Can I take your order please?
I heard that you Portuguese
Take you to my hottest place
You so bad I had to drop that bass on you
You so bad them fans might build a case on you
So let a nigga know what we gone do

See everything I do
I do it for you shawty
Don't you let them say its not for you shawty
You're the only one I've got
I've got

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