Ms. Backseat Love / The Gut Feeling Lyrics by Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez Lyrics

Ms. Backseat Love / The Gut Feeling Lyrics
Know you heard about me
So what's the word about me
That me and my niggas done came up
And she gotta remember he weak

So she grindin on me
Perfect timin on me
In the backseat of my Range oh
Shawty I'm gon put it down, down
Shawty I'm gon put it down, down
Shawty I'm gon put it down
Shawty I'm gon put it down, down
I'm caught up in the motherf*ckin...
Backseat with your love

Nah, I'm tryna keep it real with ya'll niggas man
Ya know what I'm sayin?
Like this shit sound crazy but happy, you know what I'm sayin?
Shawty f*cked me in the back of my car nigga
I call er backseat love nigga
Lil Ms. Backseat Love
(Tell us how it happened nigga)
You know wut I'm sayin?
It happened like woopty woo
Pass me the blunt
So like woopty woo... Shawty came through
And I was like yo hop in the whip
We sip, we smoke
Shawty just started coming onto the fargo so I'm like
Yo I've gotta take her down like Chris Brown baby
You know wut I'm sayin?
Took her to the backseat
Whum whum nigga we get it in
But here's the crazy part though
Remember homie we slit on the other day?
It's this nigga's bitch
It's homie bitch my nigga
(Bro get the f*ck out of here)
Yea, risky business nigga
He said I ain't gonna front though
Like I still f*ck around to hit that bitch like today my nigga
Like this shit crazy nigga
That head top was crazy, I'm tryna go up
Ya feel me nigga?

As I stand on my toes, playin my boss
My foot leg in the snow cold
As the window brim when it breather and it blow
Try to live like Christ in the image of em
But life with these niggas from a lost breed, double crossing thoughts to breed in
Droppin out with no job made it hard to succeed, f*ck
I'm putting in work but I'm stuck
I'm pushin this work but it sucks
Down in that third like my worth made bucks
F*ck it! I'm livin amongst rugged niggas that go f*ck with niggas
With f*ckin digits and as long as they surround yo kin
Come and kick it, oh f*ck with the one
Nothing under this sun exquisite
Sink into my stomach as I laugh and brag with some of my youngins from this rotten onion
Just the thought alone that Shawty having my phone and number
Hit my call, I knew that there was more in store for me
The rock inside, I knew that it was more important for me
10, but ain't this who I am
Convincing myself dear mama, wasn't go tell em that
She got them rolled on and drop low's
Exploded 4's on er
I know she knows wussup, nowhere to go but up

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