Juvenile Freestyle Lyrics by Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez Lyrics

Juvenile Freestyle Lyrics
No dead ass I got a story about this one joint
I'm-I'm a sing it to her (she know who the f*ck she is)

Shorty I ain't seen you in a cold minute
That shit just made me wonder who's in it
That shit just made wonder who's gettin it
Now ya gotta tell me whose is it
Girl I used to f*ck you in Toronto
On the Lakeshore, by the condo
I would give it to you, not for for sale
And she from the East, gotta meet at Yorkdale
Shorty when we meet, gotta f*ck forreal
Took the TTC just to get the whole meal
And we used to f*ck, girl it was so trill
You remind me of Monica, you was so real
I know I'm wrong, sippin' on patron
In LAC all night, but I ain't lackin' tonight
Now shawty I'm a take it, if you don't give it to me
You gon' throw it, like you tryna give it to me
I'm a play this Jodeci and all the records
F*ck you in the night and take you out to breakfast
I'm a young nigga, I got old money
Need the dough before I walk inside the door money
Take them heels off, walk inside my door honey
Start to peel off, peelin' off them clothes for me
I know, I know, f*ckin' bitches off my songs
In the stands at the show
I keep it real, I got love for them all
Hop inside a bus and get this thang poppin'
I got it biggie, but it ain't poppin'
Your nigga broke, or he a chain swapper
I been poppin' all dem niggas since the bottom
Tell em bitches let em leave with this Tory nigga
Why you playin', what I'm saying just let Tory get you
Your nigga told us bust that shot like Robert Horry nigga
It's hard to spend time on these hoes, they can't afford me nigga
On top of that, I keep the piece because these mans be looking for me nigga
Cause I had they ex-bitches in a orgy nigga
Catch a nigga downtown Toronto smoking OG nigga
Your bitch is f*cking cause she want to f*ck a OG nigga
I know, I know
I've been on Patron
In L.A. all night
In up here with your wife
Can I give some love
Don't you give that dove
I could do things to your life
I change shit in one night

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