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Rumors Lyrics

Look at all these rumors-running me everyday-
I just need some time-some time to get away from-
from all these rumors I can't take it no more-my best friend say did you
hear the one about me and the girl next door?-


How do rumors get started?-thier started by the jealous people and- they
get mad about somthin'they had, and sombody else is holdin'- They tell
that temptation is very hard to resist- these wicked women , oohh they
persist- maybe you think it's cute , but girl I'm not impressed-I tell
one time only with my business please don't mess--


Did you hear the one about susan?-some say she's much too loose- that
straight from a guy who claims he's tastin' her juice- Did you hear the
about Michael? - Some say he must be gay- I tried to argue but they said
he were straight he would'nt move that way- Did you hear the one about
Tina? - some say she's just a tease- in a camosal she's six feet tall
she'll knock you to you knees..


I can't go no place without somebody pointin' a finger- I can't show my
face cuz when it comes to rumors I'm a dead ringer- I'll think I'll
my congressman and tell him to pass a bill- the next time they catch
somebody started rumors-shoot to kill!--


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