Microphone Murdere Lyrics by The Notorious B.I.G.

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The Notorious B.I.G. - Microphone Murdere Lyrics
A whole lotta niggas want BIG to make a demo tape especially that bum ass nigga R this going out to you nigga recognize yo 50 watch this.

Microphone murderer mass mayhem maker
B.I.G. is on the mic call the undertaker
Make an appointment, schedule an interview
Because you know what big mans about to do
50 Grand on the technique at the right peek
Brothers wanna hear the words big man speak
The microphone im rippin’
The burner got the clippin’
Slammin’ MCs like Scottie Pippen (hey Boy)
Sippin’ on oh go cold is the rhyme you stole
Puffin' on dime bags and I’ve been told
My words are harder than a brick, chinese arithmetic
A thick stick and my dick
Makes me sick when you pick the wick whack rhyme G
You’re temperature is pumpin’ its tic tac times C
The B.I.G. moves swifter than a ninja
Even on stick ups of the
(hey boy)masked avenger
Keep my eyes open and the case closed
No eyewitnesses no names I explode
Just the heavy set one with the big gun
And the sweet tongue shaking down everyone
Loot like micheal Jackson
Kicks like bo Jackson
Bitches like freddy Jackson
No need to action
The crew ooh no frontin’ no faking moves
Fighting and f*cking the same thing we (hey boy)“stick and move”
Smack the fool and disagree
Recognize the pedigree
Rhyme is mine ‘cause I said it’s me
Step to a big man grippin’ the mike stand
Keep a bank roll and so do 50 Grand
And, I give you my hand ‘cause you deserve a pound
Try to blow up the spot in my part of town
Rage because you get no praise
I treat you like a derelict (hey boy) with aids
Recognize I don’t f*ck with the same eyes
BIG down with OG me
Oh go brothers for the others that missed me
The crew stay deep on Bedford and Quincy
Knives in the pocket for a quick hand to hand
You wanna gimme more theres a tech in the garbage can
I pull bitches like Kim Fields, Brooke Shields
Shelly Long, Kaity Tong
(hey boy) I can go on and on
Word is bond I’m a don
I spin em and run up in em I f*ck and then I stuck em
I hit em in the shitta and forget her
And it gets better, B.I.G. are the letters
Niggas know the pedder

That’s the end? What you want me to do damn!!

"Dont Stop, Dont Stop."

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