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FunkDoobiest - Superhoes Lyrics
I caught Spider-Man jerkin' off in a booth
To a Wonder Woman comic
Then the Bionic
Bitch f*cked the Hulk a.k.a. Bruce Banner
Did I see Santa
No, it's the Green Lantern
Little Bo Peep cold f*cked her sheep
Keep eatin' that pussy
F*ck the ??
Best f*cked a bitch
Bullwinkle's kinda moosy
Triple X, hardcore
Nigga f*cked a floozy
Miss Piggy
Gotta pick a sticky
Mickey Mouse pulled her blouse
Smoked a blunt for the hicky
Dorothy, Tin Man, the Lion and the Scarecrow
Messin' with the pussy
Hairy just like the werewolf

Cyclops, Wolverine
And the Nightcrawler
Went to a bar
And, yo, they had dollars
Roll in the parlor
Hittin' off switches
For Richie Rich riches
Pulls all the bitches
I turned on the headset
Like Judy Jetson
Here comes Barbie
Look who she lets in
Hansel, Gretel
Gretel, f*ck the kettle
Jack and Jill went up the hill to have a little fun
(It's a small world)
Ready for some call girl
Wrapped around her neck
A lace that was all pearls
Nights had Medusa
Dancin' on tables
Joker's got a lap dance
From Charlie's Angels

It's night
In a secret hideaway somewhere in Gotham City
As a woman in a feline costume
Strokes a Siamese cat
And speaks to several well-dressed men

Twinkle, twinkle
On a star
Superho, tell me who you are
Catwoman in a red tight see-thru
Dancin' on a pole
With a do-see-do
Mosy on out
Now where goes that ho they call
Makin' men jealous
Like Dick Tracy
Tweety, Sylvester
(Sufferin' succotash)
Cuz Snow White's gonna be f*ckin' all night
Strobelite dancin' in front of the mirror
He-Man's f*ckin' with Smurfette and She-Ra
The freaky, freaky deeky
Wilma Flintstone
Betty, too
Is she ready for the nympho?

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