Forever Young Lyrics by First Vampire, Second Vampire and Third Vampire

Dracula The Musical Soundtrack Lyrics

First Vampire, Second Vampire and Third Vampire - Forever Young Lyrics
Vampire Brides' Voices:
Jonathan, Jonathan, Jonathan... (Random chanting)

I start to feel that I'm a prisoner here
And god knows I have just cause for fear
In this accursed place.

Who is this demon who exists by night?
Won't set me free unless I stand and fight!
Will I ever, see your face?

No where to hide! No friendly hand!
I'm in a spiders web
A twist in vain, as hope begins to ebb

I hear strange voices drifting through the air
I hear wild laughter but there's no one there
I'm under some evil spell.

I'm writing letters to you everyday
But I've a feeling they're just thrown away
There's no way that I can tell

Vamp brides (in turn)
1: Nu e un, specimen excellent.
2: Dar nu-I apartine, stapinului, sororile mele
3: nu, ne apartine, noua!

Give me your mouth upon my mouth
Give me your skin to savor
Give me your breath upon my breast
Taste our immortal flavor
Come and accept our favor
Who could refuse?

Pleasure beyond your wildest dreams
Beyond imagination
Pleasure to its furthest extremes
Like an hallucination
Total gratification
Nothing to lose

Live forever, love forever, feast forever, blood forever
Drink forever, young forever!!!

Young forever young
Forever young forever young

Young forever young,
Forever young forever young

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