Squeaky Clean Lyrics

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Squeaky Clean Lyrics
Bum bum bum bum
Squeaky Clean, that's what they call us
Our thoughts are pure and our grooming is flawless
We're well-bred, well mannered, and well, just nice
And when you rub our hair it sounds like mice *Eek!*
Squeaky clean, down to our marrow
We're very straight and extremely narrow
Our drink of choice is *Ha* *Sniff* *Sigh* Listerine
It keeps our insides extra squeaky clean
When vulgar people curse, *Tsk Tsk*
When heathens grunt and stammer
We don't know which is worse: *Tut Tut!* their language or their grammar
They neither show refinement nor an ounce of self-restraint
They may think it's proper English but it's not!
*Most assuredly it's not!*
Squeaky Clean, but ever so lonely
Wish I were squeakin' in your ears only
'Cause gosh I think you're *Chomp* *Chomp* *Chomp* peachy keen
When I see you I feel extra squeaky clean

Squeaky Clean this is my song for
The kind of boy I'm told I long for
Up-right, up-standing and up to snuff
I know one kiss from him would be enough
Someone squeaky clean shining and sterling
Like a baton that needs some twirling
That's why I use Vaseline
So my hands remain un-chafed and squeaky clean

She makes my spirit rise
She sets my soul a spinnin'
It's bluer in her eyes
than any pool I've been in
The two of us together would be such a perfect match
If she'd only say she'd have me
What a catch!
What a catch, what a catch, what a catch!
Bum bum bum bum
Squeaky Clean, promise me Venus
I'll get to show her my squeaky.......cleanness
For then she'd be my squeaky queen
In the everlasting kingdom of squeaky clean!

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