I Ain't Playin Lyrics by No Limit Soldiers f/ Mystikal

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No Limit Soldiers f/ Mystikal - I Ain't Playin Lyrics
I aint playin!
Yall see me enter this motherf*cker SHUT THE F*ck UP
I aint playin
(He aint playin)
(Tell him nigga)
Talk shit behind my back
(But when they see me, they don't wanna see me)
I aint playin
(I aint playin wit you bitches)
I aint playin wit you bitches

BACK yo ass (woooh) F*ck UP
Gimme some f*cking room to put my gold plaque up
I f*cked all dat up ROLIN I break these f*ckin bitches back open
And watch me turn my dreams realistic
Dat kinda would make you wear black armour or may handset yo picnic
I'm drinkin but I'm still thirsty
Madder than a motherf*cker dats why I'm cursing
Said I'm up here but when I'm live and in person
Whippin yo ass from over to the clothes to the curtain
To each and every other rapper I'm a burden
I keep'em hearin me cause I'm smooth like (?)
YALL niggaz washed up like the turd
SO! Goin straight for your motherf*ckin throat
The rhymes that I wrote
Playin is goin to get you f*cked up
Bout to let you bitches know

I aint playin wit u
(I aint playin wit you bitches)
I aint playin wit you bitches
(He aint playin he aint playin)
I aint playin wit yo bitch ass
I aint playin
I aint playin with you bitches
I aint playin
(I aint playin wit yo bitch ass)
(Huh) (I aint playin)
(Whatchu told me?)

I thought I f*cking told you
Bitch don't you ever
Think because I'm handsome I'm mild mannered
That you can damn me think my style aint standard
F*cking wit the man gone get you man handled
Mixing my boot camp name up in scandals and slenderness
Dats the reason niggas got tossed off the stage in Atlanta
Niggas be actin like they hard to understand
It's bout time for niggas to represent New Orleans, Louisiana
And them steel toe boots gone stomp yo ass
One hundred some odd niggaz ready to jump yo ass
STOMP yo ass way past the grass
motherf*ckers run up but they don't last
I make a lot of cash and you others bought a (?)
Rabbit eyes couldn't see me threw a magnifying glass
I was born in jazz and I shine like brass... (But what?) (what?)
But I aint playin wit yo bitch ass


Like class card I aint s-s-studdin it
Dat don't mean I'm bout to take yo shit though motherf*cker (hell no)
I can see it in yo face you can see me comin
You insecure and jealous
Actin bad with yo woman
Already don't got yo money
Can't take shit from me try yo best to put your meanest face on from me
But I don't need you bitches cause you bad company
The only way you don't get stomped stay the f*ck runnin from me
This motherf*ckers coming up lovely
These niggaz cannot run me on nuttin (aint dat something I'm)
Tight as a button the album cussin the
Whooole f*cking up dat nigga and use words like a deadly weapon
Grab these motherf*ckers by they thumb (Owww)
Ball yo stupid ass up and make yo ass look (dumb)
Do pass where I'm standin knaw wha' I'm sayin?
When I f*ck that (?) you betta tell'em
I aint playin!

I aint playin wit u
I aint playin
(He aint heard me)
I aint playin
F*ck! I'm tired of this shit
Rappin motherf*ckers
All them niggaz tryin to use my name to sell there tape
I aint playin
I aint playin wit you bitches
It aint that I don't want to motherf*ckers
But I aint got time to
Bitch I aint playin
I aint playin..

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