What Love Can Do Lyrics by Letoya

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Letoya - What Love Can Do Lyrics
Corner Boyz
What love can do
What love can do

1st Verse:
I´m losing sleep over you
Look what you´ve done to me
Not saying you ain´t the truth
This love´s no fantasy
Sometimes I´m so sick of you
I need some thrapy
Just like an addict on you
Make no recovery

So should I stay,should I go
Do I do,do I don´t
Will I , Will i won´t
Do like my my mama told me?

That´s what love can do(now I know)
Everythang just ain´t good for you
(Cause I´m feeling like a fool,a fool)
It´s got me so confused
(Oh baby)
Maybe that´s just what love can do
(Love can do,ooh) What love can do

2nd Verse:
See, you sweep me off of my feet
Then bring me down my knees
And then occasionally
I´m like somewhereinbetween
Everytime we get it right,we go wrong
And tell me why does every fight turn...

Should I go
Do like my mama told me?

Now I know
I said I´m feeling like a fool,afool
Oh baby
Love can do

(Heyy) Everytime we fuss and fight
(I´m headed for the door)
And I know inside this shit ain´t right
(But it makes me you want)
My friends tell me that I should bounce
(Maybe I should just up anfd leave yeeah)
But they can´t say cause they don´t know
(Just what you do to me, you do to me)

Chorus till end(With strong ad-libs)
Ohhhh babyyyyy
See everything just ain´t good for you
But it feels so good
But now I know ohhhh........Ohhhhhhhh
Ha.....that´s what love can dooooo
To youuuu
Know everything ,it just ain´t goog for you
No, noooo,Nooooo
I´m so confusedddd
What love can do

Ending ad-lilbs
Uh Uh
Uh huhhhhhhh
Mmmmmmmmm Yeahhhhhhh
Oh Baby
Do do do do
Mmmmmmmmmmmm,mmm, mmm mmmmm

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