Disintegrating Lyrics by Willis Earl Beal

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Willis Earl Beal - Disintegrating Lyrics
Sitting high on your tower of sorts
I am the reasoning, yeah, I'll hold you on
I'm gonna hold tight
You can carry the time
You are alive, alive, the greatest treasure on fire
You're in your summer dress, you are oh so pristine
I am the mayor of the shadows, the one you never go see

Disintegrating over you
But this wall I'm behind
You know I'm breaking through
I'll break through
I'm breaking through
I'm breaking through

I'll go past it, I can see your panties white
I'm a desperate man

Don't you wanna feel so right
I'm gonna demonstrate
How I feel so much pain
I'm gonna penetrate, baby
And make you feel the same
Build a fence up
Yeah, in line I see
I want a taste of you
Something sweet and so green

Disintegrating over you
But this wall I'm behind
I'm breaking through

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