In Acapulco Lyrics

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In Acapulco Lyrics

If you're romantic, chum,
Pack up your duds and come
To Acapulco.
You put your cares in hock
And throw away your clock
In Acapulco.
Where you can be as lazy as a daisy drifting in a blue lagoon,
You're wide awake at night, because you do your dreaming in the afternoon.
You'll get a Latin glow
Way down in Mehico,
Below the border.
And in a spot like this,
If you refuse a kiss
You're out of order.
And when the moon is new,
It's like a honeydew,
Come on and get yourself a slice;
And if you can't say Acapulco,
Then you can call it Paradise.


When you meet someone you like,
You like to have a conversation,
When you do not understand,
It's such a touchy situation,
But you mustn't let it bother you,
You only have to know:
Chica linda, pretty baby,
Yo te quiero, I adore you,
Yo te quiero, chica linda, Muchi-si-si-si-simo.
As you're sittin' in the sun,
You sip a pitcher of papaya,
While you listen to a parrot
That they call a papagaya,
And you learn a lot of phrases that are very apropos.
Chica linda, pretty baby,
Dame_un beso, won't you kiss me,
Yo te quiero, chica linda, dame_un beso, dame lo
(Dame_un beso, dame lo)


You'll need some new huaraches,
When the mariachis
Start to play there.
And after you depart
I know your crazy heart
Is gonna stay there.
And if I haven't sold you
With the things I've told you,
Then I must repeat it twice,
That if you can't say Acapulco,
Then you can call it Paradise.

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