Gorgeous Lyrics

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Gorgeous Lyrics
Look at me I am gorgeous.
I am absolutely gorgeous.
There's this avalanche of beauty in one woman and I'm it.
Oh look at the way all of the parts fit together.

See the way my nose stopped running.
I was positive this creature was there inside here ol' me.
All bottled up waiting to get free.
Now I see the real me.

Look at this, look at that.
Look at those, let me just feel me.
Beautiful, glamorous, raidient, ravishing.
Look at the hair.
Look at this shape.
Look everywhere.

I am such a devine me.
Every studio will sign me.
My cup runneth over.
Whoever saw such a complete wow!

Nobody will say no to me now.
No one, is as, gorgeous, as

[Thanks to angelo1552 for correcting these lyrics]

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