How Ya Baby Lyrics by Aint Misbhavin Cast

Ain't Misbehavin' Soundtrack Lyrics

Aint Misbhavin Cast - How Ya Baby Lyrics
How ya baby hows about a little dance
when the band starts blowin' i feel alive
i feel like going say whats your job baby
How you baby is you in some kind of trance
Well im a killer diller with nothing on my mind
When they start to playin' sweet songs it leaves me on the rocks
When they start to playin' swing songs it leaves me to my socks
How ya babe hows about a little dance
Well you say you feel like truckin' I'm in the groove
If you feel like packing c'mon lets move you like swing music Yes how ya babe
I'm gonna get you

Knock Knock, Chop Chop

How ya babe

C'mon down we in the groove heck heck you gotta move play out that sweet swing music

How ya babe

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