Dialog Lyrics by Status Minor

Status Minor Lyrics

Dialog Lyrics
[Act I]

Is it all over
Have we finally crossed the line?
I still want to hold you
But there's not a chance to even try

Last words were so cold an mean
What you said to me
Turned me into darkness
Now I'm waiting all alone
I need to know
Where are you?

I can't wait to see you again
My mind in a storm of uncertainty
I must have been a fool
What a fool

Too much pride to swallow

In the name of a lie we part our ways
With a woeful cry I call your name
In this hatred our hearts will burn and die
I'll never
I'll never forgive or cry

In our conviction we are
Held hostage by our mind
I lack the strength to break away
Or to try another day

I feel like we are caught in a web
We have been hanging for eternity
No way out without going down
We'll go down

[Act II]

All the fighting
All the lies
All the words
All the crimes

Days go by
I need to see
Where is the line
Where is my peace

In my mind
In my soul
You left me crying
I'm all alone

[Act III]

Are you fading away from my life?
Longing for you words
I'm not ready for goodbyes
Waiting for you to come
I am waiting for the day
When I can tell you why

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