Choices Lyrics by Rich Homie Quan

Rich Homie Quan Lyrics

Choices Lyrics
I-I made choices in the past
To get me where I'm at.
I had to make choices in the past
To get me where I'm at.
It ain't bout you, but it ain't bout me, Yeah.
It's about that paper coming with green, Yeah.
So much money it don't make sense no more, I'm saying.
I'm at the point where I can't get no more, I-I-I'm playing.
Around with a check so you can't fire me.
Aye f*ck a crew I'm tryna build a dynasty.

[Verse 1:]
I got my momma a new house, I got my daddy a new shop.
Told my brother he can have any car off the lot.
Got my sister out the hood so my nephew ain't gotta suffer.
Got my side ho a spot just for somewhere else to f*ck her.
Got my grandma a new van cause she love them motherf*ckers.
Got some chairs for my haters, I can't stand them motherf*ckers.
Make you dance motherf*cker, I swear that's what them bullets did.
Steve Harley clean rolling white boys call them bullet heads.
Ha these niggas be playing I swear they don't want it.
No sleep, no zan. I'm on the molly geeked up to the next damn morning.
And if you steal from me I'll kill you baby
Abortion they say life's all about choices.


[Verse 2:]
I-I-I keep my head straight, my bed made.
I stay in touch with Billy Ray even though that fed case
Still pending on him I pray for him everyday.
With a 2 million bond its best he play it safe
And I ain't scared to say a damn thing to the jury, ho.
We was shooting a video how they robbed the jewelry store.
And they still ain't got no witness.
And I know it ain't none of y'all business.
But I just want y'all to listen
And see how the system tryna f*ck my nigga.
F-F*cking life up, other niggas ain't like us.
Morning Breathe better try Trident, don't try us.
It's like a fan in the battle how I'm blowing dough.
It ain't bout where you been, it's where your from ho.


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