Phobia Lyrics

Phobia Lyrics

From the Album Human (2009) (buy at
Patriot Asshole
Dead Inside
We Burn Flags
Embrace The Kill

From the Album 22 Random Acts Of Violence (2008) (buy at
22 Random Acts Of Violence
Bring The War
Savannah's Assault
Continue Insane
I Reject
Ultimate Suffering
Death To Pigs
Beer, Bitches And Bulletbelts
Rise Up
Abuse The Truth
Wasted Time
Instruments Of Deception
Soulless Eyes
Anarchist Farce
Dead End
Protest / Solution
Nihilistic Grindcore
Eyes Of A Citizen
Bleed To The End
Depression Is A Killer
Blackened Day

From the Album Cruel (2006) (buy at
Death To False Punks
So Full Of Hate
Scientific Fraud
Slaying Bastards
Get The F*ck Out!
Drunken Spree Of Violence
Your Turn Next
Let's Get Pissed
Loud, Proud... And Punk As F*ck!
Ignorant American
Yankee Swine
Fascist Smash Face
Wars With Us
Kill To Love
War Of The Sexes
Enemy Of The State

From the Album Get Up And Kill! (2004) (buy at
Get Up And Kill!
Set To Rage
Insults Of Defeat
Extremity Of The Will
Get Up And Kill
Healing Of The Wounds
Time Will Seize
Revolutionary's Hell
The Stench
His War, Not To An End
Violence And Greed
Mental Insurrection
Your Own Way (Live)
Vicious Social Order (Live)
Beer Brake (Live)
Reconstruct (Live)
Bush (Live)
Ailing Addiction (Live)

From the Album Grind Your F*cking Head In (2003) (buy at
Grind Your F*cking Head In
Selfish Minds
Struggle With The Corruptible
Blind Arrogance
Vicious Social Order
F*ck What You Think
Filth And Vehemence
Sick Life
Contest To Amend
Exterminate To Emancipate
Shit Housed
Ailing Addiction
Visual Patriot
Restraint And Riot
Kill Off
Humanities Struggle
Evil Minds

From the Album PHOBIA / RESIST AND EXIST (2002) (buy at
Rotten To The Core
Fallacy Of Tomorrow
Kill Your Own
Self Ruin
Short Lived
Insurrectionist Deed
Sung Lee's Reflection
Apocalyptic Prison Struggle

From the Album Return To Desolation (1993) (buy at
Return To Desolation
Degrading Humanity
Sickening Discretion
Hitler Killa!
All That Remains
Chemical Fear
Internal Rot

Other Songs:
I Know Your Gonna Die
I Need to Hear You Say
One Not So Fine Day
Talkie Talkie

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