Lebron On Lyrics by Obie Trice

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Lebron On Lyrics
[9 seconds fades-in/instrumental]

[Verse 1:]
To say that I'm - underrated is a sign of hatred.
Despite my accolades, O. Trice made it!
Come from - where babies don't meet, the brother made him.
He in the grave or he doin' what the judge gave him!
Uhh! - All day for that small piece of yay',
Make a collect call, get a moment or three.
When that moment up, - he momentarily see
Why he was sent up when morally for me!
Uhh, - uhh! - You could say I'm underrated;
But that's a understatement, nigga made it off the pavement!
"Bottoms Up" ain't a phrase I just play with;
Nigga we from the hood. - That there is sacred!
Any opportunity knocks, - you take it!
Any opposition blocks, - that's hatred!
Any artillery cops, - you make it!
Put 'em in they faces and blaze 'em, nigga!

They say he ain't worthy! (WORTHY!) - He done switched Jerseys! (JERSEYS!)
Gave you 7 years like it's seven too early. (HUH?!)
Won a championship there, now they burn my Jersey. (DAMN!)
Same folk love me wanna bury me. (bury ME?!)
Now I'm on a franchise, (BME!) I ain't supposed to get my ball on;
Triple-doubles when you put me in your headphones! (TRICE!)
Been a team player. - Now I'm a player!
No? - Well I guess I gotta get my LeBron on!

[Verse 2:]
King Trice runnin' point, can't hold him in!
They try to block my shot but them niggaz is goaltendin.
Oh, we won't stop! I don't see where the road endin';
Like it or not, niggaz I'm to the hole with it.
Now I could foul out when niggaz throwin' intentionals;
Sit me on the bench but this more as detention, though.
That fo' inch barrel on that fo'-fo'
Hits you in the bone marrow, nigga you don't want it no mo'.
E'rybody gangsta! - See 'em in the streets;
They're no longer entertainers. - They just wanna speak!
I just want the beat,
Sell a few records, maybe catch up on my tweets. - Team BME!
Grease the industry in my breakaway pants;
Make the ladies dance, you wanna take away my chance?
Love is as deep as your loyalty;
Whether it's BME or I got the white boy with me. - C'mon!


[8 seconds instrumental]

[Outro 1:]
Let's go!
B-M-E, niggaz!
Shout-out to Shady Records!
EM, D12, Royce Da 5'9", Slaughterhouse, what's up?
G-Unit, what up?
Fif', Yayo, Bank$...
Buck... GAYme...
That's the G-Unit I know!
What's up?
Stat Quo, what it do? 'Ey!
Bobby Creek', what up?
Killa Ca$his!
Happy New Year's, muhf*ckers!
Obie Trice!
"@RealObieTrice" on Twitter.
F*ck with me!
Love me or hate me...
It's nothin' but bidness! [15 seconds instrumental] [beat stops]

[Outro 2:]
[Cameras clicking]
[Imitating LeBron James at a press conference]
And the way I ball... I'm a take my talents to BME! [reporters clamoring]

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