In the hour of trial Lyrics

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In the hour of trial Lyrics
In the hour of trial,
    Jesus, plead for me,
  Lest by base denial,
    I depart from Thee;
  When Thou seest me waver,
    With a look recall,
  Nor for fear or favor
    Suffer me to fall.

Should Thy mercy send me
    Sorrow, toil, and woe;
  Or should pain attend me
    On my path below;
  Grant that I may never
    Fail Thy hand to see;
  Grant that I may ever
    Cast my care on Thee.

When the last hour cometh,
    Fraught with strife and pain,
  When Thou, Lord, returneth
    To the earth again;
  On Thy truth relying
    As that hour draws near,
  Jesus, take me, waiting,
    To Thy presence dear.
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