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Eureka Pile Lyrics
I seem to find myself each time I run away
Don't keep me livin' in some yester-body salad days
Sometimes they reappear just like the sands of time
Or like some quick sand baby running off like summer wine

Same faces broken homes
Those memories have fled
All tears within me now are dormant or dead
My viens are bursting with a thirst that I cannot ignore
Alright Eureka Pile
Is now my savior, or my whore

There's not a day goes by when things aren't what they seem
I always wake up baby cause I always wake up mean
My life may ain't come to much
Ignore my history
Least my Eureka Pile can change the way I feel

Ain't the way I see
Ain't the way I see
My Eureka Pile and me.

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