Yous A Hoe Lyrics by Ludacris

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Yous A Hoe Lyrics
Hooooooooo (Ho)
Youza Hoooooo (Ho)
Youza Hoooooo (Ho)
I said that youza hooooo (Ho)
[Repeat 1x]

You doin ho activities
With ho tendencies
Hos are your friends, hoes are your enemies
With ho energy to do whacha do
Blew whacha blew
Screw whacha screw
Ya'll professional like DJ Clue, pullin on my coat tail
An why do you think you take a ho to a hotel?
Hotel everybody, even the mayor
Reach up in tha sky for tha hozone laya
Come on playa once a ho always
And hos never close they open like hallways
An heres a ho cake for you whole ho crew
An everybody wants some cause hoes gotta eat too

[Chorus x2]

Can't turn a ho into a housewife
Hos don't act right
There's hos on a mission, an hoes on a crackpipe
Hey ho how ya doin, where ya been?
Prolly doin ho stuff cause there you ho again
It's a ho wide world, that we livin in
Feline, feminine, fantastical, women
Not all, just some
You ho who you are
There's hoes in tha room, there's hoes in tha car
There's hoes on stage, there's hoes by tha bar
Hos by near, an hos by far
Ho! (But can I getta ride? !)
NO! (C'mon, nigga why? !)
Cause youza

[Chorus x2]

You gotta run in your pantyhos
Even your daddy knows
That you suckin down chocolate like daddy-o's
You hos are horrible, horrendous
On taxes ya'll writin off hoe as da business
I see tha ho risin
It ain't surprisin
It's just a hoasis
With ugly chicks faces
But hos don't feel so sad and blue
Cause most of us niggaz is hos too

[Chorus x2]

Muthaf*ckas I'm so tiired of ya'll niggaz always talkin
Bout hos this, hos that, you tha muthaf*ckin ho nigga
I wasn't no ho last night

Ho, bring yo ass!

Ok, hold on
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