Rock 'N' Roll Mood Lyrics by Loggins & Messina

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Rock 'N' Roll Mood Lyrics
I pick me up by the seat of my pants
And put my fingers down on the keys
To sing a story that ends nobody's friends
I'm sittin in a rock n' roll mood
I'd like to help but I know its no good

They say nobody's friend is nobody's fool
That's an old saying that I just made up
Singing songs is to make people smile
But I'm having trouble smiling myself

And now you ask me for a song to help you along
But I'm sittin' in a Rock n' Roll Mood
I'd like to help you but I know its no good
I'm like a fish that done dropped out of his school

That's another saying that I just made up
How about a man who can't see his own face
Look at himself in the act
Fortune teller is trying to tell about what she's doing the farm and that ain't all
Now won't you think of a man with a watch in his hand
Who's dying in tfo himself duh
Now how about the singer whose sittin' here singing
That he's sittin on the Rock n' ROll Mood
He'd like to help you but he knows at least he things he's no good.
Sittin on the Rock n' Roll Mood

Here's an old saying I think I'll go home
Now you ask me for a song to

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