Stop Talking Lyrics by Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne Lyrics

Stop Talking Lyrics
Lookin in the Rear view loadin up my pistol tryna get away move sharp as a pencil. Voices in my head sayin the devil come get you but shit not before the rebel come out dis dude. I got that metal under my pillow I don't snooze yakietto heavy metal talkin bout dudes. Watch that oozy turn your clip into a f*ckin pool cough it up stop talking bullshit nigga get ya head out the cows ass I'll blast infa-red on the clowns hat... blat now the circus screamin all workers. I got the workers I'm heavy with that work bitch get high that's heaven on earth bitch. then gone leave what you leave what you thought it's on you shirt bitch now the shows over. Weezy Baby hands up tech waving hey now lay down like a nigga put a bed down sleep tight die in a dirt cheap life suit top tie and a shirts screech nice lumps and throats trump and bloat gone where we at daddy guns and coke boom the quietest woke the rise provoke boom on them busta's allow them to suffer and show'em not to never f*ck around with the f*ckers and stop lookin up that mountain above ya have you lookin under cars inspectin mufflas yea that's reality baby check ya calendar everydays a new day and this could be the last one yea so you better make a pay off or make a nigga scratch a day off
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