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Lil Wayne Lyrics

Gettin It Lyrics
If I had a hundred grand
And I'll be god damned if I throw it in the air Like I didn't care
And I must say it's is no way nowhere
There's no pocket full of cash too be thrown in tha air
Cause I could take that and spend pair of
M8 gears with the front tips and the lights in the rear
Use my spare change with the green handle bars where the grips is clear

The cool kids in the sandbox ya'll can't play
Say ya abc's not a bay bay
I got the all blue 3's light one two tres
No espanol then thass okay
Cause back on my west coast L.A lakers, 32 Johnson jersey
Call me senor fresco, thass more Spanish
Thass Inglish, I'm Mikey, Wayne vanish


[Lil Wayne:]
I go by weezy f. b thass who I be
You don't wanna lose me like new I.d
I beat up the track like the new ali
And leaving eye black and blue and green
And They tell me I could do it, juss do it clean
But I'm from the dirty south, I dunno what that means
M&m I am a money machine
Two girls in the bed with son in between
Now I treat women like a nun or a queen
If she got nice legs she can run on my team (yea)
I stick her up like a gun in her spleen
My name is lil wayne and I'm a micro fiend


Uh, back back on my one two
Now watch me snap like a jump suit
Country like gold on ya front tooth
And I work all day like the phone booth
Sometimes she gets too thick for me too comb thru
And I juss need a relaxer and some shampoo
Spit a dizzy and mac they went too camp too
We get money and we smoke like candle
When we do it I let keep on her sandals
She just wanna get used like samples
And you know I jumps in it like a trampoline,
Wayne the micro feen (hit me)


Jumped out the driver looking like lava
Stick it to the script like java, holla at cha guala
Infected with money and power
And I'll be the teacher like Steve Hightower
Got my vans on but these marc Jacobs
And I'm so high I thought I saw spaceships
A list number one on ya play list
Flow poi-so-nous like snake spit
And I got a lil money where the safe is
For my babies babies babies, babies babies babies,
Babies babies babies
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