One For You, One For Me Lyrics by La Bionda

La Bionda Lyrics

One For You, One For Me Lyrics
Please donīt go away
Iīm ready and iīm able
Please donīt go away
ītill morning comes around.
Please donīt go away
While wine is on the table
Please donīt go away
Just lay your body down.

Now i donīt know what i would do
If you got up to leave.
My jealous heart beats deep inside
And not here on my sleeve.
īcause i could show a girl like you
Such loving and affection
I donīt want to make no speech
This here ainīt no election.

Please donīt go away
Honey change your mind and stay
Hot loveīs on the way
Honey let me hear you say
Yeah, yeah, yeah....

One for you, one for me...
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