Walk On Green Lyrics by Kirko Bangz

Kirko Bangz Lyrics

Walk On Green Lyrics
[Hook: Kirko Bangz]

[Verse 1:]
I made that money, I bought me a team
Bad ass bitches brought them on to the scene
I Got That Drank, I mix that lean
Then throw that money up and then I walk on green
(Oh yeah) I walk on Green, (Oh yeah)
I walk on Green (Oh yeah)
I pull up to the club just to walk on green (Oh Yeah)
And bitches fall in love when you walk on green (Oh Yeah)
Shooting dice with my niggas, Miami vice with my Niggas
I met a girl, that met a girl, that met a girl, that's with it
I got phone numbers of pictures, room keys of bitches
All up in my pocket, no wallet cause shit
Girl I walk on green, I walk on green
And if She f*ck me, she f*ck my team
She too turned up, she on my league
You can call me PGA cause I walk on green
Bitch moving my speed, jeans all of her clothes
Point guard on my team, bitch playing her role
Keep it real, low key she is trying to get known
I love a young bitch that be down to get the doe


[Verse 2: French Montana]
Kirko Bangz, Montana
Paid hundred bands for this stunt, I got purple drank in my cup
I just drink smoke till I'm gone tellem I'll be back next month
I just seen a game and I played it, most of the time I was faded
I ain't ask, she came with, she just seen the ice then skated
I'm just goin HAM in that field I'm just walking on that green
Throw about 20 grand in the air, tell her to walk upon that green
Pop That, Blunt Roll, Cup full, getting big
Started from a dollar, now I'm making M's
Walking on that bread, started with the real money
And Walking off clean, suited Sam Rostin Zoota
Gon off the lean
I be faded with my homie (kirk)
Montana Coke Boyz, always gone to work


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