Timeless Lyrics by Jon Bellion

Jon Bellion Lyrics

Timeless Lyrics
Fell in sleep I had a kick-ass dream
Me, Frank Sinatra, James Dean
Sammy Davis at the bar drinking Moonshine
Nice woman, white wine, chillin' poolside
So I asked "when will it be my time?"
They said "boy don't even look at the clock."
Cause you're gonna be Timeless [x3]

[Verse 1:]
I'm not afraid to be a leader (gonna be)
To be remembered by the readers (gonna be)
My generation's Mona Lisa (gonna be)
Whoa-oo-whoa yeah (no, no, you're gonna be)
I'm not afraid to be a hero (gonna be)
To be known wherever we go (gonna be)
I was told I was a zero (gonna be)
But no, no, no, no, no (You know you're gonna be)
And I can't sit and wait for all my plans
God didn't make this man
To be stuck in the middle of nowhere land
So watch me, set this moment on fire (you know you're gonna be)


[Verse 2:]
This that feeling that you get from all these knock outs
My sister said "don't release it if you're not down"
So don't worry about the records that I swap out
I'm reaching for that Goosebump shit from College Dropout
Never let opinions split me in two
I keep smiling and do what I do
How he so quiet but that dope shine through
Because it's humbling when you're message is bigger than you
Yah! I grew up in a internet age
With 10, 000 freaking records on my internet page
It's kinda thought to not blend all the records I played
I'm just the one that's not afraid to make sickening lane
Yah! Shouts to CuDi just doing what feels right
Shouts to kids who don't know what they really like
Cause we're the same, we're just making music every night
And we're the reason why these A&R's are getting fired


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