Try Hard Enough Lyrics by Jennifer Nettles

Jennifer Nettles Lyrics

Try Hard Enough Lyrics
Well I was once bound and determined,
But now that's been replaced by fear in being bound
By your determination to keep me here.

I've been your friend, lover, sister
Can you tell me what else is left?
And I've euphemized shouts with whispers til it's worried me to death.

And I've tried hard enough
Don't you think I've tried hard enough?

If I were standing at the crossroads and had to choose your life or mine,
If I chose my own existence would you still label it a crime?
When you can understand my pleading maybe I can tolerate your cries.
But you will never see these fears glisten wet in my eyes.

And these ties that bind my soul no, they're not to me at all.
I'm tired of lying in this position but I can't recover from this fall.
You tell me if I stay or if I go freedom's not an option that you give.
Well your infirmity is justifiable, it's your sickness I can't forgive.

And haven't I tried hard enough?
Don't you think I've tried hard enough?
Now I stand before my jury.
Yes I've been tried hard enough.

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