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Hank Mizell Lyrics

Jungle Rock Lyrics

I was walking through the jungle just the other night
Oh well' I heard a big a'rumble and I thought it was a fight
We stopped there to listen I began to move my feet
It was a jungle drummer doin' a knocked out beat.

It was a jungle rock
A knocked out beat and I had to move my feet
It was a jungle rock.

Oh well I moved a little closer just to get a better view
I saw a chimp and a monkey hat done the Suzy Q
Oh well a'gator and a h'ippo was a' doin' the bop

while a great big frog was a' makin' me hop.

It was a jungle rock
. . .

Oh well the fox grabbed the rabbit and they hit the bunny
And all the beasts that fly was a cutting the rug
Oh well the camel was a jitter buggin' with a kangaroo
And the elephant
the mover with the ring-ding-oo

It was a jungle rock
. . .

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