Club Hoppin Lyrics by Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane Lyrics

Club Hoppin Lyrics
Started in magic city, ended in Onyx
She fine that she goin' crazy, I'm throwing money
Compound to the velvet, I think I'm Elvis
I always keep green around me like I'm a Celtic
Come on to the gold room I be bottle poppin'
20 grand all in hundreds, I'm going shopping
The lane to the blue flame bitch I get it poppin'
Come ride with the Gucci man, I'll take you club hoppin'

[Verse 1:]
Baby, come f*ck me with girl I'm going clubbin'
Thirties above the skirties but they ain't scrubbin'
Bottles, they keep you coming cause I be thuggin'
I'm feeling all on her titties, we kissin' cousins
Blaze I wait to the Libra, back to the cheater
You know the procedure when I be smoking reefer
My money is doing push ups, is doing chin ups
I vanish from club vaquish and went to pen ups
My diamonds they shining bright
When they in the light
On the life on a Saturday night with a nigga wife
Hundred bottles are hundred blunts cause I am a smoker
Come with me, I took a fifty and went to Scroecus


[Verse 2:]
Workin', you know I'm workin' you know I'm grindin'
Shinin', I'm throwing money, a king of diamond (BUR)
Phantom, I got a Phantom, I think I'm handsome
Bad bitches on my tail, we gon' go to mansion
Come, so I park the rows, and I got the Lambo

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