Doin the Raccoon Lyrics by George Olsen and His Music

George Olsen and His Music Lyrics

Doin the Raccoon Lyrics
College men, knowledge men,
Do a dance called raccoon;
It's the craze, nowadays,
And it will get you soon.
Buy a coat and try it,
I'll bet you'll be a riot,
It's a wow, learn to do it right now!

High brow, low brow, intermediate,
Make believe they're all collegiate, soon,
To do the raccoon!

Raccoon coats don't care who's wearing 'em,
Hallroom boys will all be sharing 'em soon,
To do the raccoon!

Every day its popularity grows,
It's the most important item in clothes.

Ten bucks down, and though it scratches you,
Wear it 'til the sheriff catches you, soon,
To do the raccoon!

Oh, they wear 'em down at Princeton,
And they share 'em up at Yale,
They eat in them at Harvard,
But they sleep in them in jail!

They store 'em at Ohio,
They're hawked at Notre Dame,
They carry 'em at California,
But they wear out just the same!

At Penn, they're made of rabbit,
At Vassar, sex appeal,
At Nebraska, made of airedale,
In Chicago lined with steel!

From every college campus comes the cheer: oy-yoy!
The season for the raccoon coat is here, my boy!

Rough guys, tough guys, men of dignity,
Join the raccoon coat fraternity, soon,
To do the raccoon.

Rich men, poor men, all have pride in them,
No one knows who walks inside of them, soon,
To do the raccoon.

Every day you'll have your downs and your ups, high-ho,
Every day those raccoon coats will have pups, I know!

Get a girl and start to hurry her
Right downtown to some big furrier, soon,
You'll do the raccoon!

Rac, rac, rac, rac,

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