Higgs Lyrics by Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean Lyrics

Higgs Lyrics
That ain't really loud, couldn't raise his voice
Cause the wave gone
Niggas sound like Reggie
(Already, already
Nigga goin' in, f*ck it)
Pray to the pipe, (f*ck it) I slide deep inside
Not too deep, not too shallow, I might, full at sight
She shock full of my swipe, like a capsule so tight
With that substance you need, start a family tonight
Big body murk, LED lights and it's all overpriced
The dollar been cheap than a bitch
Tuberose and two lips
On the boxes you ripped
From the holes in your skin
Hit the road and get rich
Or stay home and get broke
It's your choice in the end
Yeah they watching my fence
Like they next to my kin
Like they paid by the pope
Got some priests by the door
Frisk the dealers before they step into my glow
Oh my my
Get it, get it

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