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Dorothy Norwood Lyrics

We've Come A Long Way Lyrics

We’ve come a long way - we’ve come along way
Sometimes it was an uphill journey —
Sometimes on the rough side of the mountain
But we’ve come - a long way — we’ve come — a long way-
Leaning and depending on jesus - we’ve come a long way

(verse) sometimes i had to cry all night long — (choir) we’ve come a long way.
But the lord god almighty never left inc alone — (choir) we’ve come a long way (chorus)

Sometimes i was up. and sometime i was down.
Sometimes i was almost level to the ground
Sometimes i was right and sometimes i was wrong.
But i kept on praying and he made me strong (chorus)

When the lights go out and the crowd gets thin
When your friends move out, that’s when the lord steps in. (chorus)

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