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Radio Lyrics
Seventeen, the only way I had a car
Is after I dropped my mama off where she needed to go
Four bald tires, with the ceiling falling and the window stuck
But the only thing that I cared about was the radio
We'd turn it on, turn it up to ten, and everybody would jump on in

Ridin' down the highway
Who wants to be the DJ
I'll find a spot on the side of the road
You find somethin' on the radio
Like a feel real good song
We'll know it when it comes on
Didn't have no money, no place to go
All we needed was a radio

I'd grab my girl, we'd look for somewhere to watch the stars
The perfect place to put it in park and take it slow
She'd sing along to even the ones that she barely knew
She still sounded good a little outta tune, but we didn't care
I'd look at her, she' d look at me, I'll never forget that melody


Shhh, hey y'all be quiet
That's my favorite song
Hey, man, turn it up loud
Come on, come on, come on


All we needed, all we needed now
Was a, was a, was a radio
Writer: Ashley Glenn Gorley
Copyright: Lyrics © Out Of The Taperoom Music, External Combustion Music, WB Music Corp., Songs Of Southside Independent Music Publishi

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