This May I Preve Withoughten Lett Lyrics

Christmas Carols

This May I Preve Withoughten Lett Lyrics
Now be we glad, and not to sad,
For verbum caro factum est.

This may I preve withouoten lett
Whan Gabriell owre lady grett,
On hys kne he hym sett
So myldly,
Thou shalt conseyve this sam day,
Salvatorem mundi.

A sterre sho3ne thorow Godes grace,
As Godes owne wyll yt was;
The shepperdes saw in that place
Angelles two,
And hem among thei song a song,
Gloria in excelcis Deo.

The chyld was born upon 3ole day,
As prophettes to us gan say;
Hys moder sang lullay, lullay,
Into the est;
Therfor mankynd withou3ten end
Syng, Verbum caro factum est.

And than be tokenyng of a starre,
Iij. kynges ther cam fro fare,
And offeryd frankyngeens and myrre
To Cryst so fre;
Than thei seyd with mery chere
Mane nobiscum, Domine.

Therfor pray we everychone
To that barne that tym was born,
He save us all fro shame and schorne,
In pes and rest;
And all mankynd withou3ten end
Syng, verbum caro factum est.

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