The Noble Stem Of Jesse Lyrics

Christmas Carols

The Noble Stem Of Jesse Lyrics
1. The noble stem of Jesse
Hath flow'red at this tide:
Rejoice, good christian people,
Rejoice ye far and wide:
In Mary see the stem;
And who the flow'r by Jesus,
The Babe of Bethlehem?

2. This flower the Prophet Essay
Foresaw and did foretell,
Born of the Virgin-Mother;
And man should love her well.
Yet, stem, to flower give place,
For from the same both angels
And man derive solace.

3. He is the modest field-flower
That in our vale is seen:
Or like the snow-white lily
Amid the briers keen:
No rose so sweet and fair;
No perfume aromatic
Can with His Name compare.

4. This flower with fragrant odour
Doth woo the passer-by,
And fill his very being
With love right wondrously;
Sweet Flower, for thee I sigh;
Thy grace my fainting spirit
Alone can satisfy.

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