God With Us, Immanuel! Lyrics

Christmas Carols

God With Us, Immanuel! Lyrics
1. God with us! Immanuel!
With the op'ning year before us
Let Thy presence with us dwell,
And Thy blessings scatter o'er us.
Source of good! make us to know
Whence our daily comforts flow.

2. Bless the body and the soul,
Oh, Thou source of every blessings!
Every anxious fear control,
Lead us still Thy grace possessing,
Where Thy foot in mercy treads,
Where Thy hand its bounty sheds.

3. Let our every act be blest, -
Our incoming and outgoing,
May Thine eye upon us rest,
Still the path to glory showing.
We our need of grace confess;
Let Thy grace, Lord, give success.

4. Make us seek our heavenly home,
Here on earth let concord flourish;
And though evil days should come,
Let e'en them our graces nourish.
Let the City and the State,
Through "Thy gentleness" be "great."

5. Lord, Thy covenant seal impress
On the year Thy love is sending;
With divine protection bless
Its beginning, midst and ending.
Hear our humble prayer, and - then,
Answer with Thine own Amen.

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