Chingo Bling Lyrics

Chingo Bling Lyrics

From the Album They Can't Deport Us All (2007) (buy at
They Can't Deport Us All
Like This N Like That
Do The Lasso

From the Album El Mero Chingon (2006) (buy at
El Mero Chingon
Ostrich Boots

From the Album Duro En La Pintura (2006) (buy at
Duro En La Pintura
What Did He Said?
Got Mo $ Than Bingo

From the Album Air Chingo: The Mex-Tape (2006) (buy at
Air Chingo: The Mex-Tape
PiƱata Estick
I Smell Pan

From the Album 4 Presedent (2005) (buy at
4 Presedent
White Shix

From the Album The Tamale Kingpin (2004) (buy at
The Tamale Kingpin
American Pie
What Did He Said (Remix)

Other Songs:
Aye Wey Wey
Im In Love With Your Sister
Lean Like A Gordo
Mexican Thong Song
Paletero Man
Taco Shop
White Chick

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