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From the Album The Hierophant (2011) (buy at
The Hierophant
Mic Memorial

From the Album He Think He Raw (2001) (buy at
He Think He Raw
Love Dat
We Don't Get Down

From the Album Fear Itself (1994) (buy at
Fear Itself
You Flunked
Get Off It
That's How It Is
That Bullshit
Follow the Funk
Who's It On
I Didn't Mean To
We Got It Like That
A Little Something
That's How We Rip Shit
Lose in the End
Thoughts of the Thoughtful
Chained Minds
Be Thousand

Other Songs:
Later On (A Low Down Dirty Shame (soundtrack))
Later On (Casual's Low Down Remix)
That's How It Is Part 2
Think Differently
Where They At?

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