Nuff Gal Lyrics by Beenie Man

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Nuff Gal Lyrics
So Man fi have nuff gal, an gal inna bundle 
Gal From Rema, gal from Jungle 
Nuff Gal an none a dem musn't grumble 
All ghetto youth unno fi tek mi example

The one burner business naw work again 
Cause one man fi have all fifty galfriend 
If yuh stop drink roots start drink it again 
Cause yuh haffi have the stamina fi service them 
When mi talk bout nuff gal, jus understan whey mi mean 
Suppose mi waan fi line up all a netball team 
One gal caan mek di team 
Neither, two gal caan fulfill mi dream 
So mi haffi mek a walk over Portmore scheme 
Gal a gimmi money, gal a keep mi clothes clean 
Gal fi cook, gal fi press, gal fi stitch mi gabadine


Hey yuh dun know sey mi got mi wife a mi yaad 
A she have mi kids an drive mi Honda Accord 
But dat naw go stop mi from have gal abroad 
All mi do use mi condom cause man a no fraud 
One girl inna yuh life bring misery 
One gal alone caan satisfy mi 
Wait, unno figet say mi a half coolie 
Mi have, white liver an white kidney 
But mi black like a tar an mi strong like a lion 
Any gal mi wuk dem haffi waan reach zion 
Gal haffi cry fi dis yah piece a pipe iron


Well now a want unno listen an understand 
I man a flex like King Solomon 
Gal a wash mi foot, gal a wash mi han 
Gal a brush mi teeth, when mi jus dun nyam 
Gal a tear off mi roof, inna mi bed dem waan land 
Woman a walk, woman a cry fi di wickedest slam 
Woman a sey dem only want di long maaga man 
Jus to give dem the stlye an whole heap a pattan 
Dean Fraser come solo di song


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