I Call You Love Lyrics by Beck

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I Call You Love Lyrics
I just found your letter
I feel your sadness worlds apart
And no word can say
"I am sorry"

You're everything that matters
And forever I'll know that
If you call my name
I'll follow

In all my life
No one so real
Untainted love
With you can ascend

I'll go with you
I go with you

I won't look back (x5)
So don't look back
I wont look back

I can call you love
You can call me lover
You can call me love
I can call you lover
Let me call you love
Won't you call me lover
Won't you please say "love"
I'll love you for ever

Hold out my hand
I call you name
Please take me there
No, I will not look back

I go with you (x3)
I'll grow with you
I go with you (x2)
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