Beneath The Cedar's Stare Lyrics by Ash & Elm

Ash & Elm Lyrics

Beneath The Cedar's Stare Lyrics
Hear My - Shattered Cries
Upon programmed ears fall these tragic lies

Deceiver - Of Mankind
A Rapist of the truth adapting prophetic rhymes

You are the self acclaimed
Father of all lies
The God of wicked games
It's here where darkness lies

Our Hell - Lies Within
Reason and true knowledge are disguised as sin

Mystify - With poison words
Snakes drawn, captivate the blind herd

This is my resolution
You've all been blinded
Denied the depth of evolution
Systematic, denied reality

Sickness and hate
Poured into these lines
A never ending game
A torrent of lies

Upon his lofty throne you lay
You'll live your life another day
For so many years, you've been asleep
Unaware of the evil that you seek
Salvation is hell, forgiveness a loss
The last one of you, he died on the cross
The number you fear is not of the beast
It's one, the human mind released

See the fine print
Read through the lines
It's reality untouched
Transparent, denied
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