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Day Of Apocalypse Lyrics
I hear the trumpets of the apocalypse announcing the end of man,
so please end this exploitation.

Thou shall not poison the earth.
Essence of all existence for with her.
We fall along into the abyss of avidity.
Sealing our destiny with a kiss of death.

Defense of innocent life is my declaration.
Retribution, humanity harvests destruction.
And we have shown desolation.

Vision of apocalypse complete devastation.
Final judgement falls upon us as we reap the land.
When mother earth's life force depletes,
actions must be taken to free the world from its sickness.
Actions for justice lead to freedom.
Scorched landscape burned to ashes.
Original state of balance forever lost.
Creation of nature is drowned into concrete.
Oblivion embraces paradise while helpless species die.
We forge this world into a hell.
Industrial madness consumes gaia.
Witness the demise of life under the siege of inhumanity.
Breathless mother helpless she dies.
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