Laundry Basket Lyrics by Aqueduct

Aqueduct Lyrics

Laundry Basket Lyrics
So anyone who likes this song

there's probably ten who hate it

if this is how f*cked up we have become

then I will celebrate it

you're asking questions in your mind

but you won't tolerate it

I feel like we've been here before

but no one can remember

well I've been livin

livin out of laundry baskets far too long

I've been lookin

lookin for you but I've just realized you're gone

everytime I see your face I get so withdrawn

I get some stranger in my face

asking what is wrong

Well I have given

given myself way too much to think about

until my box of

box of crumpled kleenexes have all run out

every time reach a new low the bottom drops out

Considering yourself a loser

at least I'm good at what I do

so I sit, and I wait

for the day that you say

why did you wait so long?
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