Song About Nothin Lyrics by Amber Lynn Nicol

Amber Lynn Nicol Lyrics

Song About Nothin Lyrics
Really nothing much to do today
Really nothing I got planned
I took a walk down to the beach
and I saw nothing but the sand

Really no one here to talk to
Nobody I should call
I grab my old guitar
Hanging all alone up off the wall

I wanna feel something
I got nothing at all

I wish these strings
I wish these things
Could just give me something
It aint a lot
But all I've got
Is this song about nothing

Got my car and started driving
But I aint got nowhere to go
I could cruise real fast
But I got lots of time to take it slow

I could turn on some old music
Or just listen to the road
Roll the windows down
and let the sound drown out the radio

It's no good to me loud
It's no good to me low


Nothings wrong
Nothings right
It's just another day
Jaded night
I got nothing to gain
I got nothing to lose


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