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Adramelech Lyrics

From the Album Terror Of Thousand Faces (2005) (buy at
Terror Of Thousand Faces
Halls Of Human Tragedy
Descend To Eternal Torment
Bleeding For Supremacy
Suicide, Terrorize
I Don't Care About Your Murder
Slain In The Grace Of Thy Name
Book Of Flesh
Terror Of Thousand Faces
Orphica Holodemiurgia

From the Album Pure Blood Doom (1999) (buy at
Pure Blood Doom
Centuries Of Murder
Abomination 459
Season Of The Predator
Lord Of The Red Land
The Book Of The Black Earth
Spawn Of The Suffering

From the Album Seven (1998) (buy at
The Sleep of Ishtar
Captured in Eternal Lost
As the Gods Succumbed (Live)
Across the Gray Waters (Live)

From the Album Psychostasia (1996) (buy at
Heroes In Godly Blaze
Seance Of Shamans
The Book Of The Worm
Thoth (Lord Of The Holy Words)
Mythic Descendant
As The Gods Succumbed
Across The Gray Waters


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