Boyfriend's Habits (Kazim) Lyrics by Actionmen

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Boyfriend's Habits (Kazim) Lyrics
You can't stand
It's like when you clean your butt and watch your shitty toilet-paper
that's your girl can't avoid looking around on the beach with 1000 tits
and you the same insensible dranght..
you never wanna grow a sunday sleeper
and nothing more she should see the difference,
man thoughts meaning ashes blonde tits just for past-time,
I've never touched plastic fantasies, just male emotions at all
I've seen her reading a fancy romance warriors, dwarfs, dragons, amazons and elves
so I smile and understand:
I'm this kind of man that she loves but no sword in my brave hand
I win my enemies with a beer I think it's so easy realizing the analogy don't ask more
I love you, ok but you're not only one in this world
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