F*cking For Bux Lyrics by The Accused

The Accused Lyrics

F*cking For Bux Lyrics
All you wealthy ladies
You're in luck
Cause the band has been f*cking
F*cking for bucks
Oral, anal or in the pussy box
Just pay us some cash
Every time we pop our rocks
F*cking, f*cking, f*cking for bucks
We don't care how old you are
As long as you're rich
Give us your cash
And you can be our bitch
F*cking old ladies
Is better than using the hand
And the cash we get
Support the band
A lot of ladies leave us
With their holes a little sore
But when their pension checks
Come in they're back for more
The Accused are in demand
All around the globe
Join the frequent f*cked club
And get a monogrammed robe
F*cking, f*cking, f*cking for bucks
And Visa and Mastercard and American Express
We f*cked all who paid
Took their cash on the go
Took our earnings
And purchased a Winnebago
But we'll be back to do it again
When all those old sluts
Get horny again

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